Paris, France 3 September 2021 – TheraPanacea, an award-winning French med-tech company founded in 2017, announced today it has signed a distribution agreement with DYN’R Medical Systems, to penetrate the US market faster.

“DYN’R Medical Systems is an experienced distributor and manufacturer in radiation therapy with more than 150 global customers. So, we are excited that DYN’R has decided to work with TheraPanacea as we enter the market in the US. The combination of DYN’R’s experience and customer commitment with TheraPanacea’s cutting-edge AI-driven technology will enable customers in the US to access the latest high-performing data-driven solutions in radio-oncology therapy to better treat their patients and streamline their clinical operations.” says Professor Nikos Paragios, CEO of Therapanacea.

To overcome these challenges, TheraPanacea has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) guided software, ART-Plan™, for radiotherapy planning. ART-Plan™ uses Deep Learning, a form of AI technology, to fully speed-up and standardize the contouring of organs at risk (OARs) and lymph nodes (LNs) as well as to enable high-precision rigid and elastic fusion for faster replanning. By combining the power of AI with the collective intelligence of world-wide experts, ART-Plan™ automatically generates clinically acceptable contours for all anatomies (100+ OARs) in a few minutes instead of hours of human time.

ART-Plan™ is already used in the clinical workflow of more than 40 leading European centers, who are already benefiting from exceptional time savings, optimized human resources, and standardized treatment planning workflow. Users in Europe have reported to save up to 95% of the time required for these tasks.

About DYN’R: Since 1987, the Company DYN’R is specialized in the manufacturing of medical devices more specifically in the field of PFT (Pulmonary Function Testing).
From the year 2000, DYN’R developped the SDX®System, a spirometry based system for managing thoracic and abdominal tumor motion during imaging and radiation therapy in the scope of cancer treatments.
The SDX® System’s unique ability to pair a patient’s inspiration rate and lung volume measurement with clear visual biofeedback makes it possible to maximize the stability of internal organs and the tumor treatment zone. With the goal of always ensuring Patient Safety, SDX®System allows for an increased dose to the tumor with decreased toxicity to vital organs.
The SDX®System is currently used worldwide in more than 150 centers in USA, Europe and Asia.

About TheraPanacea: A medical technology company created in 2017, TheraPanacea develops disruptive software solutions for smarter cancer prognosis and treatment. TheraPanacea’s first software for radiotherapy, ART-Plan™, has been available on the European market since 2019. Since its creation, TheraPanacea has won prestigious distinctions and prizes including the European Research Council (ERC) Proof of Concept Grant (2016), the Digital Innovation Competition (BPI), the Grands Prix d’Innovation de la Ville de Paris in Health category (2017), the 1st AI Challenge prize for the Paris region (2018) and the H2020 – SME Instrument Phase 2 prize (2019) rewarding the most disruptive European companies in their market.

About ART-Plan™: The aim of radiotherapy is to increase the dose delivered to the tumor whilst minimizing surrounding organ damage. During radiotherapy planning, clinical staff need to identify and accurately delineate tumors as well as organs at risk. If organs are not properly delineated, the radiation plan may not protect these critical structures or adequately treat the tumor, leading to increased toxicity and potentially poorer outcomes for patients. Most of this important task is performed in a manual manner, which is not only highly time-consuming but also subject to expert variability and experience.

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