Reinventing Cancer Care through AI

Innovating technology to standardize cancer treatment planning

ART-Plan™: AI-Powered Radiotherapy

An intelligent software for high-precision radiotherapy, ART-Plan™ optimizes every step of the treatment process flow: from preparation to follow-up.

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  • SmartPlan:
AI-based, one-click treatment planning
  • AdaptBox:
For treatment planning on the fly
  • DeepDose:
For fast calculation
ART-Plan™ - Therapanacea
ART-Plan™ - Therapanacea

ART-Plan™: Are you ready to reinvent cancer care through AI?

Through ART-Plan™, we leverage state-of-the-art advancements in artificial intelligence, data science and medical image processing for better radiotherapy experience for your patients and medical teams alike.

Up to 90% of time saved in contouring

Full-body expert-like contours in 3 minutes

+150 OARs & LNs delineated automatically

+50 centres using ART-Plan™ in Europe

+100 000 patients treated with ART-Plan™

CE-marked and FDA-/TGA-Cleared

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AI-Powered Biomarker Discovery

Biomarkers can be make the vision of more effective and personalizes treatment a reality. As such, biomarkers can help improve safety and efficacy during drug development, select patients for clinical trials or monitor patient response and treatment efficacy.

ART-Omics™ - TheraPanacea


ART-Omics™, the first AI-powered, plug-n-play, radiomics platform, AI based dosimetry is a unique combination of unsupervised biomarker discovery and clinical domain knowledge  for advanced diagnosis (neurosciences AI), prognosis and disease monitoring.

Soon, ART-Omics™ will provide tailor-made AI-based, radiomic algorithms Mr-guided software and become a strategic ally to pharmaceutical AI biomarkers companies who wish to accelerate therapeutic development and reduce costs related to long and unsuccessful trials.

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Who are we?


At TheraPanacea, an award-winning medical technology company created in 2017, we are harnessing AI to develop cutting-edge software for more efficient and precise cancer care. We offer pioneering holistic approaches for cancer research and treatment based on a multi-scale integration of medicine, information theory, data curation and computational medicine.


A vastly experienced team, we are devoted to unlock the unlimited power of AI-based software to drive innovation in healthcare. Endowed with an excellent IP portfolio, our vision is to exploit state-of-the-art research technology to accelerate health care’s transition towards predictive, evidence-driven, adaptive treatment planning and delivery.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of each patient by enabling health care providers to design smarter treatment plans, work more effectively, and reduce toxic side effects. To bring these much needed advancements faster to the patient, we count on valuable collaborations with leading cancer centers and industrial partners all around the world.

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Since its creation, TheraPanacea has won prestigious distinctions and prizes including: