Reinventing cancer care through the power of cutting-edge
AI-based software

Exploiting state-of-the-art technology towards adaptive treatment planning and delivery.

Improving patient’s quality of life through the design of smarter treatment plans.

Providing tailor-made AI-based algorithms to accelerate therapeutic development.

Innovating technology to streamline and standardize cancer treatment planning



TheraPanacea, an award-winning medical technology company created in 2017, is reinventing healthcare through harnessing AI to develop cutting-edge software to optimize diagnostics, prognostics and therapies for cancer. We offer pioneering holistic approaches for cancer research and treatment based on a multi-scale integration of medicine, information theory, data curation and computational medicine.



At TheraPanacea we are devoted to unlock the unlimited power of AI-based software to drive innovation in healthcare. Endowed with an excellent IP portfolio, our vision is to exploit state-of-the-art research technology to accelerate health care’s transition towards predictive, evidence-driven, adaptive treatment planning and delivery.



Our mission is to improve patient’s quality of life by enabling health care providers to design smarter treatment plans, work more effectively, and reduce toxic side effects. To bring these much needed advancements faster to the patient, we count on a multitude of collaborations with leading cancer centers and industrial partners all around the world.

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What we do:


Through our first product, ART-Plan™, we leverage state-of-the-art advancements in artificial intelligence, data science and medical image processing to benefit patients and medical teams alike. An intelligent software suite delivering high-precision radiotherapy, ART-Plan™ enables optimization of every step of the treatment process flow: from preparation to follow-up. In the past six months, more than 20 leading radiotherapy centers in Europe have adopted ART-Plan™ in their clinical routine. Are you ready to reinvent cancer care through AI?

Up to


of time saved in contouring

Full-body delineation achieved in


More than


OARs and CTVs delineated automatically

More than


centres using ART-Plan™ in Europe

More than


patients treated with ART-Plan™

Clinical trials for pharmaceutical and medical purposes are time consuming, expensive, and often burdensome on patients. Flawed study designs, lack of quantitative measures for early assessment, or inappropriate sample sizes are all challenges that lead to the failure of most clinical trials.

To overcome these challenges, accelerate drug discovery and reduce patient burden, TheraPanacea is developing the first AI-powered, plug-n-play, radiomics platform for disease prognosis : ART-Omics™.

ART-Omics™ integrates unsupervised biomarker discovery with clinical domain knowledge to offer a unique combination to auto-identify correlation of hidden variables that are invisible to the human eye thanks to a holistic biomarker discovery, ART-Omics™ will include advanced prognosis tools that can be used for inclusion criteria in a study as well as continuous assessment of patients response throughout the treatment.

Soon, ART-Omics™ will become a strategic ally to pharmaceutical companies to provide tailor-made AI-based, radiomic algorithms to accelerate therapeutic development and consequently reduce costs related to long or unsuccessful trials.

Be exhaustive

Be exhaustive

ART-Omics™ has a general purpose. Just like you optimize your protocol to be applied to any new drugs being developed, ART-Omics™ can be easily adapted to various pathologies and treatment objectives, ensuring true improvement of the lives of inumeral patients.
Be scalable

Be scalable

ART-Omics™ unique end-to-end approach will allow you to determine patients likely to respond to your treatment independent of the type of data provided or the size of your study. What is more, thanks to a continuous feedback, with ART-Omics™ you can adapt your sample size intelligently, thus increasing your chances of successful clinical trials.
Be ready

Be ready

Thanks to our AI-based solution, clinicians need minimal investment to provide data for our self-trained algorithms. ART-Omics™ takes care of everything from data management to radiomics extraction to automatic reasoning.

What do experts say about us?

TheraPanacea is endeavoured to develop a new generation of software systems which are not only faster than other solutions but which heavily rely on the collective intelligence of experts. The outstanding scientific background of the teams and its will to constantly discuss with clinicians puts them in a unique position to pave the way for more relevant and timely developments to tackle the ever changing challenges of novel radiotherapy techniques.

Prof. Dr. Eric Deutsch, Head of the Radiotherapy Department at the Institute Gustave Roussy, France
TheraPanacea envisions a paradigm shift in radiotherapy. Their unique approach of combining AI-based solutions with experts' knowledge accelerates the adoption of advanced research into clinical practice whilst improving and standardizing patient management and treatment outcome.

Prof. Dr. Vincent Gregoire, Chair of the Radiation Oncology Department Centre Léon Bérard, France

News and Events


Since its creation, TheraPanacea has won prestigious distinctions and prizes including:

The European Research Council (ERC) Proof of Concept (2016)ERC
The Digital Innovation Competition (BPI)BPI
The Grands Prix d'Innovation of the City of Paris in Health category (2017)The Grands Prix d'Innovation
The 1st AI Challenge prize in the Paris region (2018)The 1st AI Challenge prize
The 1st Innovation Award in Radiology of SFR-Medicen-SNITEM (2018)SFR-Medicen-SNITEM
The H2020 - SME Instrument Phase 2 prize (2019) rewarding the most disruptive European companies on their marketThe H2020

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