As a “Plug and Play” software you can benefit from the speed and efficiency of AI from day one – no data needed!

Work from anywhere you like with our web-based platform accessible from any computer connected to your clinic’s network.

With ART-Plan you can benefit from the AI-powered collective intelligence of world-wide experts combined with the latest consensus guidelines for automated, efficient and effective radiation therapy planning process.

ART-Plan™ is a software* designed to assist the contouring process of the target anatomical regions on 3D-images of cancer patients for whom radiotherapy treatment has been planned.

Technical information

The device is intended to be used in a clinical setting, by trained professionals only.

*CE-marked (Class IIb) and FDA-/TGA cleared

With the Annotate module, users can create and edit the contours for the regions of interest on 3D-images. The images and contours created require verifications, potential modifications, and then the validation of a trained user with professional qualifications in anatomy and radiotherapy.

The SmartFuse module allows the user to register 3D-images and display them to facilitate the comparison and delineation of image data by the user.

With MR-Box, users can generate an AI-based pseudo-CT from MR images in just one click to avoid registration errors and accelerate planning workflow and adaptation.


With the AdaptBox module, users can generate an AI-based pseudo-CT from CBCT images in just one click and implement a full offline adaptive workflow to asses the need of replanning.


AI-based software for automatic delineation

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Software for reliable rigid and deformable fusion

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MR-based pseudo-CT generation and annotation

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AI-based offline adaptive tool for better replanning assessment

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of time saved in contouring


for a full-body delineation


OARs and LNs delineated automatically


centres using ART-Plan™

+250 000

patients treated with ART-Plan™ yearly

Coming Soon

In addition to Annotate, SmartFuse, MR-Box and AdaptBox TheraPanacea is working on future AI-powered modules to close the loop and enhance adaptive precision radiotherapy!