Real-time deformation of contours

Discover SmartFuse, the first AI-powered software for high-precision rigid and elastic fusion, that includes the management of 4D-CT and a real-time deformation of contours for faster replanning.

Thanks to its unique multi-metric similarity framework, SmartFuse guarantees high-precision alignment between scans from different imaging modalities regardless of the clinical case complexity. Intuitive and smart validation tools allow you to verify the resulting fusion.

AI-fueled registration algorithm
Real-time deformation of contours for faster replanning
Sub-voxel registration accuracy**
Checker-board view
Multiple imaging modalities (CT, 4D-CT, CBCT, PET-CT, MRI)
Anatomically meaningful deformation field

Best-performing imaging deformation software

Powered by AI-based initialization and optimization, SmartFuse is one of the best-performing imaging deformation software available on the market*.

* As evaluated through a landmark registration benchmark performed on the POPI reference dataset:
** Using the POPI reference dataset, SmartFuse achieves TRE under the tolerance value indicated by AAPM guidances for 100% of the cases