Experience Offline Adaptive workflow in your clinic with AdaptBox

ART-Plan™’s AdaptBox* is an AI-powered software that provides one-click augmented CBCT images with organs-at-risk delineations for improved and more efficient adaptive radiotherapy workflow.

*Not available in all markets yet, please contact your sales representative for more details

AI-based augmented daily CBCT images generation
Dose calculation on augmented CBCT images for daily dose tracking
Use of Annotate and SmartFuse on the generated augmented CBCT
Tracking daily delivered dose to evaluate the actual delivered dose to the patient
Help in the replanning decision making process
Plug and play solution compatible with all TPS and Linac providers

Discover how ART-Plan™ can improve your adaptive radiotherapy workflow

original CBCT (left) / augmented CBCT (right)

Generation of an AI-powered augmented CBCT

Generation of a deep learning augmented and enhanced CBCT image (improved image quality and enhanced field of view).

Propagation of target contours from the planning CT

Automatic and reliable propagation of target contours from the planning CT on the augmented CBCT using robust multi-metric elastic and linear fusion with SmartFuse.

planning CT with target contours (left) / augmented CBCT with propagated target contours (right)

augmented CBCT (left) / augmented CBCT with OARs contours (right)

Contouring on the augmented CBCT

Automated annotation of organs at risk on the daily augmented CBCT with Annotate as good as the level of experts.

Accelerated dose calculation on augmented CBCT

Accelerated and reliable full scale dose calculation on the augmented CBCT with our new collapsed cone dose engine.

dose generated on the augmented CBCT

Alert generation when need of replanning

Make effective replanning decisions through a unique combination of volumetric and dose constraints.

Available structures for AI contouring


  • Anal canal
  • Bladder
  • Left femoral head
  • Right femoral head
  • Penile bulb
  • Prostate
  • Rectum
  • Seminal vesicle
  • Sigmoid


Support in the re-planning assessment process through automatic contouring, deformable registration and daily dose delivery information.


More standardization of decision making process to eliminate the inter- and intra-variability of experts across the same clinic.


Gain time in your clinic comparing to a manual replanning workflow through quicker assessment of the need for replanning.

And more to come ...

We are already working closely with renowned centers to better define triggers in ART! Stay tuned to discover all our updates!