AAPM 2022

ESTRO 2022

AI-based cardiac annotation for radiotherapy planning

A. Botticella, P. Loap, L. De Marzi, A. Lévy, V. Martin, Y. Moukasse, S. Bolle, A. Rouyar-Nicolas, C. Le Péchoux, C. Luo, S. Colame, C. Martnieau-Huynh, A. Oumani, T. Roque, E. Deutsch, C. Robert, S. Rivera, Y. Kirova

Evaluation of AI v clinical experts SBRT-thorax computed tomography OARs delineation

S. Stathakis, G. Pissakas, A. Alexiou, P-Y. Bondiau, L. Claude, A. Damatopoulou, C. Dejean, C. Doukakis, G. Güngör, E. Maani, I. Martel-Lafay, P. Mavroidis, V. Peppa, D. Remonde, J. Shumway, G. Ugurluer, B. Bertrand, L. Hardy, T. Roque, N. Paragios, E. Özyar

Characterisation of synthetic CTs clinical quality: which gamma indices to evaluate in practice?

E. Alvarez Andres, A. Gasnier, C. Veres, F. Dhermain, S. Corbin, F. Auville, B. Biron, A. Vatonne, T. Henry, T. Estienne, M. Lerousseau, A. Carré, L. Fidon, E. Deutsch, N. Paragios, C. Robert

Clinical evaluation of organs at risk automatic-segmentation for T2-weighted MRI

N. Newmann, S. Stathakis, D. Thorwarth, D. Zips, M. Nachbar, S. Kandiban, A. Oumani, K. Shreshtha, T. Roque, N. Paragios, W. E Jones III