2021 Joint Meeting ÖGMP, DGMP and SGSMP 


19 – 21 September 2021

Therapanacea offers cutting-edge radiotherapy solutions to health professionals and patients.

Thanks to its unparalleled, AI-driven ART-Plan software, TheraPanacea
accelerates your journey towards Adaptive Therapy and MR-Based
Radiation Therapy.

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TheraPanacea’s Symposium

AI through the looking glass: step into the new era of radiation oncology

Chair: Thais Roque, PhD

On the program:

1 – Annotate and SmartFuse – two solutions for AI-based treatment planning

2 – Development and quantitative evaluation of AI-based pelvic MRI autocontouring for adaptive MRgRT

3 – How to turn your horses into zebras – an introduction to the generation of a pseudo-CT

4 – Introducing DeepDose: our  automatic plan generation 

Monday, September 20, 1pm – 2pm


We are proud to announce our new AI-powered solution for MRgRT.


In one click, get automatic and precise segmentation on your MR* images according to international guidelines. Generate a pseudo-CT** from MR images, eliminate registrations errors and accelerate adaptive routines.

*Our AI solutions are developed for conventional as well as MR-Linacs.

**In process of CE-marking and FDA & TGA clearance

Interested in how our solutions can enhance your workflow? Talk to one of Therapanacea’s managers or engineers.

Art-Plan™’s Annotate: AI-powered, accurate and fast delineations of more than 100 organs at risk by TheraPanacea.

Our mission: AI-powered contours for experts.
Less contouring from experts.

ART-Plan™: Annotate

Annotate uses deep learning to provide automatic delineation of organs at risk (OARs), Lymph Nodes (LNs) and some target volumes. Annotate is an AI-powered, CE-marked and FDA-cleared software that provides zero-click, automatic delineation of more than 100 organs at risk (OARs) and lymph nodes with the same accuracy of clinical experts in up to 3 minutes. Annotate can be used on different anatomies including Head & Neck, Brain, Thorax, Breast, Abdomen, Pelvis Male, Pelvis Female.

ART-Plan™: SmartFuse

The first AI-powered solution offering rigid and elastic fusion in one click. SmartFuse guarantees high-precision alignment between scans from different imaging modalities and is one of the best-performing imaging deformation software available on the market (evaluated through the POPI reference dataset). Clinical users report to be astonished by the quality of the fusions, especially of the deformable fusion, obtained with SmartFuse.

We provide you today with solutions of the future. Enhance your workflow and improve patient comfort in one click.

Save time and increase consistency of care with TheraPanacea’s products.