PARIS, October 4, 2022 – Stingray Healthcare (“Stingray”), a specialist network committed to the development of cancer care practices in Europe and TheraPanacea, the global provider of innovative AI-based solutions for cancer care and other complex diseases, have announced today a collaboration that shall foster the adoption of artificial intelligence in private radiotherapy centres.

Under this partnership, TheraPanacea will assist Stingray in the large-scale rollout of AI clinical solutions across its radiotherapy and radiosurgery centres. These solutions will contribute to improved quality through better standardisation of care and more efficient clinical workflows, thereby allowing cancer care professionals to prioritise time with patients.

As a preferred partner, Stingray will make its experience of operating radiotherapy centres across geographies available to TheraPanacea to assist, on a voluntary basis, in the development and testing of new solutions targeted for private centres.

Upon signing the agreement, Professor Nikos Paragios, CEO of TheraPanacea said:

“Getting access to Stingray’s clinical expertise, from a multi-country and multi-site setting, will allow us to accelerate the development of new solutions to reinvent cancer care through AI and continue democratizing the access to best available treatment to all patients. We are excited to share our know-how and technology with Stingray to jointly build the radiotherapy of tomorrow.”

Stingray’s management highlight the benefits of the agreement for patients and physicians:

“We are looking forward to our partnership with TheraPanacea that will allow us to optimise every step of the treatment process and start with ensuring consistent quality contouring amongst all our partner centres. This cooperation will also give the opportunity to our medical professionals to participate in exciting projects and be at the forefront of innovation in radiotherapy” explains Ralph Hefti, CEO of Stingray.

About Stingray

Stingray (formerly known as MedEuropa Group) was founded in 2017 to support the fight against cancer by ensuring the long-term success of treatment centres across Europe.

Today, Stingray supports more than 200 highly committed medical professionals treating over 7,000 patients per year in radiotherapy and radiosurgery centres in Germany and France. The company teams up with cancer care professionals in a distinctive partnership model, bringing a range of complementary resources to bear, including capital and strategic expertise.

The Swiss-headquartered company is supported by family capital, with significant ownership held by its doctors and senior management team.

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About TheraPanacea:

TheraPanacea is an innovative information technology company devoted to unlocking the power of AI-based solutions to drive innovation in healthcare.

A spin-off of University Paris-Saclay, TheraPanacea works in close cooperation with the most prominent healthcare facilities to combine the power of its proprietary platforms with clinical domain-knowledge.

Today, ART-Plan™, TheraPanacea dedicated suite for radio-oncology, is used by more than 60 cancer centres across Europe, Africa, Middle-East and the US and is helping to improve care for more than 60,000 patients every year.

TheraPanacea also develops and operates the ART-Omics™ platform enabling pharmaceutical companies to accelerate clinical research by harnessing AI-based multi-modality biomarker discovery in clinical trials and their effective integration within the clinical workflow at scale in the form of certified medical devices.

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Stingray Healthcare
Ralph Hefti