Dosimetry-Driven Quality Measure of Brain Pseudo Computed Tomography Generated From Deep Learning for MRI-Only Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning

Emilie Alvarez Andres, MSc, Lucas Fidon, MSc, Maria Vakalopoulou, PhD, Marvin Lerousseau, MSc, Alexandre Carré, MSc, Roger Sun, MD,Guillaume Klausner, MD, Samy Ammari, MD, Nathan Benzazon, MSc, Sylvain Reuzé , PhD, Théo Estienne, MSc, Stéphane Niyoteka, MSc, Enzo Battistella, MSc, Angéla Rouyar, PhD, Georges Noël, MD, PhD, Anne Beaudre, PhD,  Frédéric Dhermain, MD, PhD, Eric Deutsch, MD, PhD, Nikos Paragios, PhD, and Charlotte Robert, PhD


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