Collaboration with AI-driven TheraPanacea offers clinicians more choice in segmentation, enhancing radiotherapy efficiency


Munich, May 15, 2023Brainlab, a digital medical technology company, announced today at the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO) annual meeting in Vienna, the integration of AI-powered organ segmentation software from TheraPanacea, a medical technology company specializing in automatic, reliable and fast tools for high precision radiotherapy. Partnering with TheraPanacea offers Brainlab users more choices in segmentation for organs at risk (OAR) and helps improve efficiency in radiation therapy.

Protecting organs at risk is critical during precision treatments like stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). To decrease time and inter-clinician variability and to improve treatment efficiency and effectiveness, Brainlab offers auto-segmentation tools using an atlas-based synthetic tissue model (STM) to facilitate cranial OAR contouring.

The partnership with TheraPanacea delivers powerful and automated extra-cranial segmentation software, embedded directly into the Brainlab Elements portfolio. The AI-powered contouring solutions enable automatic delineation of the lymph nodes and over 150 organs at risk. Clinicians will benefit from reliable OAR segmentation tools that have been shown to produce AI-based contours that are close to contours performed manually by clinical experts. Furthermore, the software addresses inter-user variability in OAR delineation, helping to save time and resources while ensuring that patients receive safe radiotherapy treatments.

“Brainlab has always believed in interoperability and accessibility of interfaces,” said Stefan Vilsmeier, President and CEO, Brainlab. “Our integration of the segmentation from TheraPanacea is a prime example of our commitment to offering users more choices in segmentation, augmenting the capabilities Brainlab is offering today.

The TheraPanacea software has been developed using pseudo-anonymized and GDPR-protected data from collaborations with several international cancer centers. The partnership with Brainlab showcases how multiple stakeholders within the industry can work together toward data-driven healthcare, leveraging interoperability and data to improve patient care, outcomes, health and healthcare in general.

“Artificial intelligence, coupled with advanced hardware technology, has become a transformative pillar in healthcare,” said Professor Nikos Paragios, President and Chief Executive Officer, TheraPanacea. “Our synergy with Brainlab, a world-class innovator, paves the way to precision radiotherapy and offers new hope to cancer patients through automatization, standardization, reduced toxicity and improved outcomes.

With the integration of the TheraPanacea AI-powered segmentation tools, Brainlab will make more of an impact in radiotherapy efficiency, enabling physicians to offer safe treatment to more patients.

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At At Brainlab, we digitize medical workflows, from diagnosis to therapy, to offer clinicians and patients better treatment possibilities. Our innovative digital ecosystem forms the basis for modern healthcare technology in 6,300 hospitals in 120 countries. At the forefront of health technology for over 30 years, Munich-based Brainlab employs around 2,200 people with expertise across the entire healthcare value chain in 25 locations worldwide. Please visit Brainlab for more information.

About TheraPanacea

TheraPanacea is an innovative information technology company devoted to unlocking the power of AI-based solutions to drive innovation in healthcare. A spin-off of University Paris-Saclay, TheraPanacea works in close cooperation with the most prominent healthcare facilities to combine the power of its proprietary platforms with clinical domain-knowledge. Today, ART-PlanTM, TheraPanacea dedicated suite for radio-oncology, is used by more than 100 cancer centres across all continents and is helping to improve care for more and more patients every year. TheraPanacea also develops and operates the ART-OmicsTM platform enabling pharmaceutical companies to accelerate clinical research by harnessing AI-based multi-modality biomarker discovery in clinical trials and their effective integration within the clinical workflow at scale in the form of certified medical devices.

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