What is the THERA Challenge?

The THERA Challenge is a unique opportunity for you to trial one or more modules of ART-Plan using your patient data. We’re confident you’ll see for yourself how the power of AI can help you deliver expert standardization and more personalized RT delivery – all at scale.

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What is ART-Plan?

ART-Plan is a software platform that artfully combines the power of artificial intelligence with specialized radiation therapy expertise to deliver clinically relevant applications to bridge the gap between imaging and treatment.

ART-Plan is designed for today’s busy clinics.


AI optimized to deliver a personalized care plan


Eliminates errors and improves efficiencies


Hundreds of thousands of patients treated worldwide

The platform offers four modules that you can mix and match depending on your needs.



Rigid & Deformable Fusion


Synthetic CTs


Personalized Adaptive Planning*


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