ART-Plan™ brings AI into radiotherapy

AI: a hidden link between ART and Radiotherapy? Join us and discover our exclusive multidisciplinary exhibition for ASTRO 2020.

Contour like experts in 1 click and 2 minutes
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Artificial Intelligence powered solutions should become part of the new era of cancer treatment in all centers. We look forward to working with you and implementing our solutions in your daily routine for simpler and better clinical workflow and outcomes.

Professor Nikos Paragyios
CEO & CTO at TheraPanaceaProfessor of Mathematics - University of Paris-Saclay
Editor in Chief, Computer Vision at Elsevier

Curious about what we do?
Meet our experts and welcome AI into your daily routine



Our revolutionary AI-based tool for OARs and target volumes contouring

Elsa Dray
Elsa DraySolution ExpertTheraPanacea



The most powerful AI-based rigid and deformable fusion tool for adaptive RT

Sibylle de Vandière
Sibylle de VandièreApplication EngineerTheraPanacea

Pick their brains:
come hear from experts on thriving the future of AI in radiotherapy

Reinventing cancer care through powerful AI - Innovation Hub Presentation

Prof, Eric Deutsch
Prof. Eric DeutschHead of the Radiotherapy DepartmentInstitute Gustave Roussy, France
Prof, Vincent Grégoire
Prof. Vincent GrégoireChair of the Radiation Oncology DepartmentCentre Léon Bérard, France
Nikos Paragyios
Prof. Nikos ParagyiosFounder & CEOTheraPanacea
Thais ROQUE, PhD
Thais ROQUE, PhDResearch & Clinical Partnerships ManagerTheraPanacea

Thursday 27th October, 4:15PM - 4:45PM

What do our users say about ART-Plan™?

The contours look like they have been drawn by an expert, requiring very little corrections. This means huge gain of time that I can spend on treating more patients.

Dr. Idriss Troussier
Radiation Oconlogist
Centre des Hautes Energies, France

TheraPanacea at ASTRO 2020:
Scientific oral and poster presentations

TheraPanacea on the frontier: Explore our scientific oral and poster presentatios at ASTRO 2020.

Improving radiotherapy workflow through implementation of delineation guidelines & AI-based annotationM. Ung1, A. Rouyar-Nicolas1,2, E. Limkin1, C. Petit1, T. Sarrade1, A. Carre1,2, G. Auzac1, A. Lombard3, E. Ullman3, N. Bonnet4, L. G. Assia4, N. Paragios3, C. Huynh3, E. Deutsch1,2, S. Rivera1,2, and C. Robert1,2
1Gustave Roussy, Cancer Campus, Villejuif, France,
2Molecular radiotherapy and innovative therapeutics, INSERM UMR1030, Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, Université Paris Saclay, Villejuif, France.
3Therapanacea, Paris, France,
(2708 – 25th Oct 2:15PM – special session – Session 2)

SIMSEB: Unlocking the Dosimetric Potential of Sequential Boost Plans in VMAT Through Simultaneous OptimizationRutger H.J. Fick1, Thierry Boulé1, Antoine Pouille1, Aurelien Lombard1, Norbert Bus1 and Nikos Paragios1
1Therapanacea, Paris, France
(2861 – 25th Oct 2:15PM – Special Session – Session 2)

A blinded prospective evaluation of clinical applicability of deep learning-based auto contouring of OAR for Head & Neck radiotherapyP Blanchard1, V Grégoire2, C Petit1, N Milhade2, A Allajbej2, F Nguyen1, S Bakkar1, G Boulle1, E Romano1, W Zrafi1, A Lombard3, G Beldjoudi2, A Munoz2, E Ullmann3, N Paragios3, E Deutsch1,4, C Robert1,4.
1Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, Villejuif, France;
2Léon Bérard Cancer Center, Lyon, France;
3Therapanacea, Paris, France;
4Molecular radiotherapy and innovative therapeutics, INSERM UMR1030, Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, Université Paris Saclay, Villejuif, France
(3815 – 28th Oct 2PM – special session – Session 7)
Do you want to learn more about how we are reinvinting radiotherapy workflow?

The future is here:
watch our webinar and learn how AI is already transforming radiotherapy workflow

Nina Dissler, MSc
Nina Dissler, MScClinical Analyst EngineerTheraPanacea
Thais ROQUE, PhD
Thais ROQUE, PhDResearch & Clinical Partnerships ManagerTheraPanacea

Are you ready to reinvent cancer care through AI?

ART-Plan™ - Annotate

An accurate and thorough contouring tool using a deep learning technique for the automatic delineation of 80+ OARs and exclusive models for CTV and lymph nodes.
In 1 click and 2 min, medical experts gain 90% of their time with highly accurate results.

ART-Plan™ - SmartFuse

A reliable AI-fueled software for high-precision rigid & elastic fusion, 4D-CT management and real time deformation.
It is the best-performing image registration software on the market* leading to faster replanning.

About us

We are an award-winning medical technology company fighting cancer through innovative AI- and web-based solutions for smarter, standardized and more holistic treatment plans. Our success stems from the combined strength of our top-notch expertise in powerful AI solutions and domain knowledge coming from leading cancer centers all around the world.

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