Clinical evaluation of self-learning GAN based pseudo-CT generation software for low field pelvic MR

P. Fenoglietto, T. Gevaert, M. Boussaer, E. Delasalles, D. Ioannidou, K. Shreshtha, T. Roque, N. Paragios, D. Azria, E. Ozyar, G. Gungor 

AI surpassing human expert: a multi-centric evaluation for organ at risk delineation

D. Azria, L. Boldrini, M. De Ridder, P. Fenoglietto, M A. Gambacorta, T. Gevaert, G. Gungor, F J. Lagerwaard, A E. Marciscano, M. Michalet, H. Nagar, R. Pennell, I. Serbez, B. Vanspeybroeck, T Z. Mustafayev, A. Caffaro, L. Hardy, S. Kandiban, A. Oumani, T. Roque, N. Paragios, K. Shreshtha, E. Ozyar 

AI-based OAR delineation in brain T1w-MRI: Overcoming inter- and intra-observer  variability

G. Gungor, G. Klausner, G. Gur, I. Serbez, B. Temur, A. Caffaro, L. Hardy, S. Kandiban, A. Oumani, B. Bertrand, K. Shreshtha, T. Roque, B. Atalar, N. Paragios, E. Ozyar

AI-driven combined deformable registration and image synthesis between radiology and histopathology

A. Leroy, M. Lerousseau, T. Henry, T. Estienne, M. Classe, E. Deutsch, V. Grégoire

Statistical discrepancies in GTV delineation for H&N cancer across expert centers

A. Leroy, N. Paragios, E. Deutsch, V. Grégoire, D. Mitrea, A. Pêtre, R. Sun, Y G. Tao


ASTRO 2021