BHPA 2020


Full-body delineation of ROIs through anatomy-preserving deep learning ensemble networks

A. Lombard, L. de Vitry, E. Ullmann, R. Marini-Silva, N. Bus, N. Paragios.

AI-driven quality insurance for delineation in radiotherapy breast clinical trials

S. Rivera, A. Lombard, D. Pasquier, S. Wong , E. Limkin, G. Auzac, J. Blanchecotte, M.E. Chand-Fouché, A. Lamrani-Ghaouti, N. Bonnet, N. Paragios, C. Martineau-Huynh, E. Ullmann, A. Ruffier, E. Deutsch.

Training and validation of an AI-based MRI auto-contouring method for pelvic organs

Boeke S., la Russo M., Nachbar M., Winter J., Lombard A., Bus N., Paragios N., Gani C., Müller A.-C., Zips D., Thorwarth D

Dosimetric impact of an AI-based delineation software satisfying international guidelines in breast cancer radiotherapy

M. Ung, S. Rivera, A. Rouyar, E. Limkin, C. Petit, T. Sarrade, A. Carre, G. Auzac, A. Lombard, E. Ullmann, N. Bonnet, A. Lamrani-Ghaouti, N. Paragios, C. Martineau-Huynh, E. Deutsch, C. Robert.